Ashleigh VanHouten

Ashleigh is a health and nutrition journalist, speaker, podcast host, certified health coach, and self-proclaimed health and fitness nerd.

She has written for Paleo Magazine for more than eight years, as well as a number of other health publications. She hosts the Muscle Maven Radio podcast, and has worked with other top-rated health-related podcasts like Shrugged Collective, Muscle Intelligence, and Paleo MagazIne Radio; her podcast has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times and she's interviewed some of the biggest names in health and wellness including Dave Asprey, Laird Hamilton, Steph Gaudreau, Mark Sisson, and many more.

Combining her formal education and professional experience in marketing and communications with her passion for healthy eating, exercise, and learning, Ashleigh works in a consulting role for a number of professionals in the health and wellness world, working alongside individuals like Elle Russ, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, and Ben Pakulski.

As a kid, Ashleigh’s two dream jobs were to be an author and an American Gladiator. Now that she’s published her first cookbook, it’s time to suit up and figure out her Gladiator nickname – suggestions welcome!

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