Allan Karl

Allan Karl is a world traveler, adventurer, photographer, author, entrepreneur, TV host, and inspirational keynote speaker. With an insatiable passion for travel, culture, people, food, and wine, he has explored more than 75 countries on his motorcycle, photographing, writing, and blogging about them along the way. Allan inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles, embrace change, and smile—especially in the face of adversity. And he knows how. For ten years, Allan has ridden his motorcycle alone all over our planet. On one continuous three-year solo journey around the world, armed guerillas marched him into the Colombian jungle at gunpoint, and he crushed his leg in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia and had to beg the governments of Syria and Sudan to let him across their borders. (Eventually, they gave in.) Allan is the principal of WorldRider Productions, where when not riding the world on his motorcycle, he shares his experiences through speaking, publishing, and coaching. Here he creates content that brings to life his stories and adventures from around the world—showing again and again how the discoveries he has made and the lessons learned can help all of us lead more rewarding lives. A dynamic and inspiring professional speaker, Allan shares his message with captivating storytelling and award-winning photography that touch themes of risk-taking, facing fear, embracing change, and personal growth. His stories highlight the importance of tolerance, openness, diversity, effective communication, and following dreams and pursuing passions.

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