For the Love of Beef

Scott Lively

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Publisher: Page Two
ISBN: 9781774580028
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 10/5/2021

The truth about the beef on your plate—no bull.

Beef is to the American palate what sunshine is to beaches, what popcorn is to movies, what a hot dog is to a ballpark. From hamburgers to meatballs, briskets to ribeyes, the average American eats almost 60 pounds of beef every year. Let’s face it: despite the rise of trendy plant-based imitations, real beef is here to stay. Isn’t it time you knew what really goes into your beef, and how to get the most out of it?

From Scott Lively (aka The Beef Geek), founder of the U.S.’s largest organic beef company, Dakota Beef, comes an essential reference book and primer to America’s favorite meat. This field guide cuts through the bull and serves up juicy facts about the Big Beef industry, arming you with the knowledge you need to make the best choices for you and your family.

You’ll find out what packers, grocers, and the government know, but don’t have to tell you. You’ll learn how to look at a cut of beef and know whether it’s clean, green, and healthy, or came from an old dairy cow. You’ll find out what “grass fed” really means (and what it doesn’t), and how the USDA actually measures the quality of your beef. And you’ll understand what sustainable cattle farming is, and how it can benefit your health and the environment.

The truth may surprise you. But it will also empower you to make better, tastier, smarter choices when choosing your next cut of beef. Whether you’re a budget-minded consumer or would-be connoisseur, you’ll never look at beef the same way again.

Scott Lively (aka The Beef Geek), president of PureLand America, left a successful career in the IT industry to found the U.S.’s largest organic beef producer, Dakota Beef.

Today, he oversees a broad portfolio of company and private label and brands—among them Nature’s Promise, Costco Kirkland Organic and Members Mark Organic, a product of Sam’s Club. A self-professed Beef Geek, he boasts that he knows every cut of beef as if he cut it himself.

He divides his time between Boston and Martha’s Vineyard, where he is owner of Martha’s Vineyard Sharks, a minor league baseball team. He writes at

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